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A little about us

Both with Masters degrees and piano teaching diplomas, we have over 60 years experience teaching all standards and all ages (6+).  While our pupils have had success in performances, competitions and high Distinctions in piano exams, we are equally happy to teach those who just want to learn to play well for their own pleasure.

We teach at our home in Gold Hill, Chalfont St. Peter, or yours – as well as on-line, so distance, illness or last minute car breakdown is no problem.

No piano at home yet?  No probs!

If you haven’t yet got a piano – we can help you with that – you might like to try our 5-day Try-out Piano Lessons Course, which is specifically designed with no expectation of any home practice on as near consecutive days as practicable, to give you an idea of what you could achieve with regular lessons and practice once you’ve purchased your own piano.  (If you then decide to have regular lessons, you don’t need to do a single try-out lesson)

Lesson options

Nearly everyone starts with a single try-out lesson, giving us a chance to meet each other and see how you get on.

Thereafter, most beginners have a weekly 30 minute lesson – but some wishing and able to do a lot of home practice each day have had two lessons each week.  Youngsters usually commit to the same regular time each week, as do some adults with a regular work schedule, but if that’s not possible we also do ad hoc lessons.

What’s required to learn the piano?

Learning to play a musical instrument or a sport to a high standard requires regular practice: initially a couple of 10-15 minutes sessions as near daily as possible, gradually increasing as you progress and the music becomes increasingly intricate.  We will patiently guide you through this process, one step at a time, helping you master new things quickly: we don’t mind how much we have to break down any difficulty so you can solve it at your own pace.  In fact we get a great kick out of helping pupils master passages they thought they’d never manage – that becomes our personal challenge as much as yours!

How we see you and our role

We believe everyone is unique: if we put together everyone’s difficulties you’d wonder how anyone manages to play the piano and conversely if we put together everyone’s best first attempt, immediate successes, you’d wonder why when the piano is so easy everyone isn’t already playing!  Everything is possible: it’s just a question of finding out how – which is what we’re here to do with you.

Our teaching approach can be summarised as “teaching you to teach yourself.”  Let’s face it, your practice times are really DIY teaching sessions.  As the Chinese proverb says: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, whereas give him a rod and you’ll have fed him for life.”

Ultimately, we hope you will derive great joy and happiness from your progress and achievement at learning to play the piano.

Ready to start?

For more information about David and/or Kate, please click our names to go to the teaching pages of www.davidmeacock.com